Perforation repair case with extruded material

A common complication in Endodontics is perforation. And when things want to go wrong, they will inevitably go wrong… but hey, perforation is not the end of the path for many teeth if managed properly.

I have waited to post this article until I reviewed a recent perforation case I retreated last year. The patient (A 58 year old female) was referred by her general dentist regarding possible retreatment of her LR7. Her only complaint was a ‘lump’ near the LR7.

A Glimpse into the Future

At the Academy we are very fortunate to be able to work with small volume CBCT scanning. Second only to the operating microscope CBCT has had the greatest impact on the way in which I practice. Seemingly, current trends are shifting towards the use of CBCT in many areas of dentistry. The three-dimensional revolution will undoubtedly alter the way in which we all practice. We are not far from the time that rubbish dumps will be filled with forlorn panoramic machines looking enviously at the shiny new scanners that have taken their place.


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